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Are you a "dedicated follower of fashion"? I know I am. I spend a fortune on the latest clothes and shoes. I will not go out unless I look fashionable! For me - researching the latest fashions and working out what shoes and clothes are "in" and what is "out" is a great way to spend my time. I don't think I am being narcissistic. I am aware that face wise I am not the best looking woman around, and body wise I am a little too thin for most men, but I live fashion.

In fact I can prove that I am not being narcissistic, and that it is fashion I love, fashion for fashions sake, not for the purpose of looking beautiful - I am aware that most men do not like really skinny girls, but I am also aware that I can get more of the fashionable clothes that I love in a thin fit. So I am happy to stay skinny, to be less attractive, simply to get the fashion hit I crave. You may agree with me, or you may like beautiful clothes and shoes mostly to make yourself more beautiful. Either way, this is the website for you.

I do a lot of research into the latest fashions in clothes and shoes (and occasionally handbags). I read a lot of articles on the Internet, and collect a lot of fashion facts. On this website I will bring together the best articles on fashion for you to read, so that you can be as fashionable as me (Just don't turn up at a party in the same bloody dress as me).

As this site will be updated practically every day, you need to bookmark it so that you can come back regularly to read the new articles on fashion. Remember: Fashion does not stay still, if you are not constantly reading the new articles you will soon get left behind, get out of date, and turn up in last seasons fashions. Do NOT let this happen to you. Bookmark this site and come back here often.

Articles On Fashion

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Most Recent Articles about FASHION
  • Reveal Your Sophisticated Side by Sporting a Stunning Formal Dresses Brisbane Achieve that Fashion   by Elisa Dean
    If you are heading to a formal affair in Brisbane, then it is extremely important that you find a dress that could bring out your classy side. Pick a dress with a design that can emphasize the very best parts of your body. Also select a colour carefully given it could help make or break your entire ...(More)
  • Exploring Half Half Sarees   by Hemant Jain
    One of the great things about ethnic fashion today is that designers are not afraid to experiment with new cuts, silhouettes, colors and designs even with the most traditional garments. Moreover, women love donning these fashionable new styles. They may be introduced on fashion ramps but what really...(More)
  • Totes Everywhere -- These Days!   by Michael Arcand
    A lot of tote hand bags are usually huge in dimensions. Generally they do not have a fastener. A tote bag is a classy means of transporting every single one of your essentials. Many versions and patterns make a tote bag the most suitable fashion accessory for on the job dress. It doesn\'t matter wh...(More)
  • Popular Sunglasses Brands - Luxurious, Affordable and Stylish   by sreedhar sreedhar
    A pair of sunglasses is a must-have for all the fashion-conscious folks. This little piece of accessory can enhance your overall appearance. However, most people wear eyewear to protect their eyes from harmful rays and dust. There are different types of sunglasses available like wayfarers, aviators,...(More)
  • Advantages of Alpaca Socks - Simple Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You   by Gloria Philips
    If you\'ve ever owned an alpaca garment, you understand how soft and comfy they may be. The fleece from all of these unique animals is utilized to make scarves, gloves, hats, and much more. But how about alpaca socks? Here\'s 3 good reasons why the feet will thanks if you own a set or two... Alpaca...(More)
  • Celebrity the tattoo in fashion-industry   by Mark Well
    Celebrity the tattoo in fashion-industry Star are thought upon as apex of style.The second anyone notice any star wearing a particular dress or any manner styles, what is available in your mind is you would like to follow that tendency or you want to follow the identical dressing routine.Every girl...(More)
  • Purchase Points for New Balance 608   by Vikram kumar
    new balance 608 . They include the cushioning guarantee, price and color as well as material type for durability reasons. New Balance will offer you the best selection on that so ...(More)
  • Make Your Life the Best with the Best Guidance   by sushanta pradhan
    When it comes to fashion there are so many things to do. No matter what type of fashion you are aware of it’s great to always be trendy. If you love to be updated with the new fashion, there are so many things to do. You have to follow the latest style and fashion and then only you can be the trendi...(More)
  • Fashion winter 2014 with Boots   by Kim Pham
    With the weather cold late fall early winter, the area is a hint boots incredibly perfect for ladies. If boots short neck gives the wearer seem dynamic, youthful personality and then re-boots turtleneck makes women become arrogant and luxury to the phone with the costume: dress, jeans or legging ......(More)
  • Coimbatore - Manchester of South Indian Textiles   by rani raj
    With delightful designs and varieties, Coimbatore sarees are wowing the world. India has been considered as precursor in the art of textile printing. Especially, Indian weavers are the pioneers in weaving sarees. One such conspicuous Indian textile is Coimbatore. Spreading out its essence from...(More)
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The Bondage And Torture Blog
(Adults only link)
Bondage Stories, Photos, Drawings, And Videos!

Lesbian Sex In A Bar
(Adults only link)
Lesbian sex blog

The Caister International College For Young Ladies
(Adults only link)
Teen sex blog

Eddie's Grand Tour Of Oriental London
(Adults only link)
Oriental sex blog

Free Hardcore Adult Sex
(Adults only link)
Free Porn Pictures And Videos

Genuine Japanese Bondage Site (FREE)
(Adults only link)
Free bondage photos, videos, and stories.

Genuine Japanese Torture Site (FREE)
(Adults only link)
Free torture photos, videos, and stories.

Bondage Dungeon: Prisoners In Bondage
(Adults only link)
Free bondage drawings & free bondage stories

True Bondage Stories
(Adults only link)
True tales of kinky bondage.

Bondage Life Stories
(Adults only link)
Stories from people who really live the life!

Naked Bondage
(Adults only link)
They are tied up and stripped naked!

Torture Annie In Bondage
(Adults only link)
Annie loves to be the helpless captive of cruel, sadistic men. Read her TRUE story here.

BDSM Smilies
(Adults only link)
Over eight years of FREE bondage stories, videos, and photos - all in one place!

Barry's Free Bondage Lounge
(Adults only link)
Free bondage videos, photos, and stories.

Kate In Bondage
(Adults only link)
A teenage girl is kidnapped to pay her father's debt and ends up as a sex slave - FREE bondage pictures and story.

Held In Bondage
(Adults only link)
The story of Penny Night, an eighteen year old girl who has been sold into bondage by her parents as a slave girl.

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